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Dr. Diane Hindman - motivational speaker Dr. Diane Hindman - Inspirational Speaker and Spiritual Entrepreneur Dr. Diane Hindman - Inspirational Speaker and Spiritual Entrepreneur

Inspirational speaker.
Manifestation expert.
Successful entrepreneur.

Dr. Diane works with individuals and companies to create spiritual-minded entrepreneurs who understand the relationship between be - think - feel - do - have and how each plays a role in manifesting dramatic results.

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“I built a six-figure business in less than a year by using dreamwork, intuition and spiritual coaching and now my passion is to show others that they can do the same; that they can become spiritual-minded entrepreneurs.”
Diane Hindman, PhD
Direct Sales Speaking and Coaching - Diane Hindman
As a professional speaker, Dr. Diane moves people to action through her dynamic, inspiring and authentic speaking style. She packs a big punch on stage with enough energy to command a room of 50 to 15,000.
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“I believe the idea of creating a program to train professionals to educate doctors on the use of nutraceuticals in addition to pharmaceuticals is a brilliant program.”

DW, Seattle

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