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Summer Solstice

The Power of Belief

Summer Solstice
JUNE 21, 2009

A huge shift energetically is taking place on the planet over this summer solstice and we will have increased energy and drive to manifest. This is the time to take what you have been dreaming about and envisioning over the last few months and set the intention to bring it into reality. I had the great opportunity to be part of one of my ICani-fest co-facilitators, Christine Arylo's Manifesting Group and we had a great call last Thursday night.  Here are some of the words of wisdom that we all came up with. And if you aren't familiar with Christine - check her out at

- In any moment we have a choice between two things - Fear or Faith.  Literally it's like a switch. Ask yourself in the moments of self doubt, anxiety, etc., "What do I choose, Fear or Faith?"  We recommend picking Faith. And if you can't do it on your own, ask for some help.

- The universe knows what is best for you, and it gives you exactly what is needed, and doesn't give you more than you can handle at any given time. Sometimes we try to bite off more than we can chew, and then get mad and impatient that we don't get the bigger prize we were envisioning, when in reality, maybe the universe is doing us a great favor. 

- Let go of the specific ideas of how you think things should be and let it happen. realize that everything is perfect. 

- Flow. There is one, notice it. Things happen, things stop, and then they happen again. What is the proper flow? What is the flow that is naturally trying to manifest itself, and what spigot are you trying to turn on too high or fast?

- Allowing.  When I allow things to happen, my life works. It's like a river flowing through me. If life isn't working, ask "What am I not allowing to happen?"  Notice when your body tells you that you aren't allowing things - stress, anxiety, bad food choices, bad hair :) 

- Be. It is true, swear it, that things can still happen when you BE vs. DO. A lot of people think that you can make things happen by doing, but that just keeps us busy doing. When I am being, the whole is better, better ideas, I empower others instead of being the doer all the time, the people in my life are happier because I let them do.

Hope you enjoy and can find some time to practice all of these great principles!  Dr. Di

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