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The Power of Flow
At a recent networking event I heard two people talking about how much they loved their life and how grateful they were that everything seemed to be working out exactly as planned. They both had started businesses that they were passionate about and said it was an amazing feeling to be able to do that and earn a living from it. I listened as they both discussed their struggles in the beginning to get their business off the ground and agonized about how it often felt like a leap of faith. What was clear to me in listening to them was that they were persistent in knowing that they were on the right path even when it appeared like things weren't taking off and they seemed to be guided from a higher source on their choices and decisions about how to make their businesses more successful. They were definitely on a roll. I left that evening happy to hear their stories, yet sad knowing that so many people either give up their dreams or have forgotten how to dream. I think it's because we've lost our flow and without flow it's near impossible to achieve your dreams. At the same time, without dreams, it's hard to get in the flow.

What does getting in the flow mean? It means understanding coincidences and synchronicities that happen to you and utilizing them to make your life easier and more joyful. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have such an easy life and everything seems to go their way? It's not through luck or chance. Everyone has the ability and power to live their life this way; it's just a matter of learning and applying the tools and techniques. Or maybe your life used to be on a roll in the past, but now you seem to have lost the flow? It's not too late to get it back. Focus on the following and see what happens in your life.

  1. Be Open: to new opportunities, new experiences, new friends. The power of flow can't operate in your life if you are closed to these things. Remember that a gift may not always come in the package you expect. You may not think you have room in your life for a new friend or acquaintance, but he or she may be the person that leads you to the new job or relationship you're looking for.
  2. Be Still: at least once a day if only for a few minutes. It is in this time that you may hear the answer to your question or find the solution to your problem. This is difficult in our fast-paced world and finding time for yourself may seem selfish if you have a busy family, but if you don't take time to take care of yourself how can you take care of others?
  3. Be Passionate: about something in your life. So many people have lost their passion and trudge through life day after day. Find one thing you love to do each week and do it! Watch how the rest of your life and the lives around you improve when you are doing something you truly enjoy.
And lastly, don't forget to start dreaming again. Remember when you were a child and you'd spend much of your day creating imaginary games and day-dreaming? You believed you could do or be anything. Maybe you think that's unrealistic or you don't have time to day-dream. Think again - studies show the top business people, inventors, actors, musicians and scientists all use imagination and dreaming to create things in their work and lives. Take 5 minutes a day to find some quiet time and think about what you want in your life. How can you have the life or career of your dreams if you don't spend time thinking about what it is you want? A wise man told me that if you can visualize what you want, you're more than halfway to having it. This tells me that I can dream my life into being.

As a certified empowerment coach, my focus is to get you in the flow with your career, personal or spiritual life, health or weight loss goals or any area in your life that you feel is lacking what you need.

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