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The Answer to the Secret
After reading the book or watching the movie The Secret, how many of you came away with the feeling that the concept sounded great, but there just seemed to be a few critical pieces of application missing? If so, you're probably right. Of course, focusing on what you want, phrasing your "wants" in the appropriate way and positive thinking are all necessities in order to draw your desires to you, but the foundation of being able to apply the Law of Attraction effectively is based on emotions and feelings. That's the missing piece. In her book, "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting", Lynn Grabhorn makes some startling discoveries during her years of studying the Law of Attraction and exposes exactly what's missing in the way this principle has often been taught. Many people who are teaching the principles of The Secret instruct us that all we need to do is remain positive, ask for and focus on what we want, and sit back and wait for it to happen. But there's more. The whole theory behind the Law of Attraction is that whatever vibration you send out (positive or negative) as a result of your thoughts and emotions, will attach itself to other comparable vibrations and bring back to you similar experiences. In order to attract positive things to you or what you desire, you have to be sending out extremely high vibrations and the only way to do that is to attach a strong, positive emotion to your thought. It takes more than just thinking positively to get what you want. You have to attach an emotion or feeling to what you want in order to send out the correct vibrations. You can think or say a positive statement, but if there is no real emotion felt, then the vibration will not be high enough to attract your desire. Higher vibrations attract positive energy and things, while low vibrations tend to attract negative things.

For example, if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed one day in a rotten mood and just happen to spill your coffee, argue with your mate and arrive late to work, all these negative thoughts and emotions are sent out as energy into the world around you. The negative energy looks for other negative energies and syncs up with them creating an even bigger cluster of negativity. If you are still in a terrible mood later in the day, you will draw this negative energy right back to you in the form of other bad experiences, such as getting into a fight with your boss, losing a sale, and hitting a major traffic jam or worse having an accident on the way home. In this scenario, you were probably thinking and feeling a lot of negative thoughts and emotions.

So, how do we effectively apply the Law of Attraction to work for us? First, identify what you don't want. That sounds counterintuitive after we've been talking about how important it is to focus on what you want! However, most of us have a much easier time listing the things we don't want or don't like about our life. In fact, if you watch your language you may notice that even when you think you're stating what you want, you're still focusing on what you don't want. For example, if you say you want more money or you want to get out of debt. What are you focusing on? The lack of money or being in debt. Thus, that's what you'll get more of! You have to learn to rephrase this into something like, "I am using my talents to earn great money while enjoying what I do", or "I am building wealth daily." This way you're focusing on generating money and coming from a place of abundance versus scarcity. Because it's easier for us to verbalize what we don't want, that's where we start. From that list, make a list of what you DO want in your life. This will be simple as you just reverse the statements you made about what you don't want. You can simply change the wording "I want" to "I intend" and you are now focused on abundance, not lack.

Once you have this list, attach an emotion or a feeling to each of your desires. Get into that feeling place of actually having what you want. These emotions can be happiness, excitement, joy, appreciation or passion to name a few. Feel the reality of being where you want to be in your life. If you can do this for just sixteen seconds a day, you've broken out of the negative vibrations of social consciousness that most of us live in. If you can do it for longer than that, watch out, because you will definitely be getting what you wish for faster than you can imagine. Hence the phrase… be careful what you wish for!

If you're having trouble getting into this place of excitement, joy or passion about having what you want in life, you need to start asking yourself some questions. Let's take the common desire most people have of generating more money. Ask yourself the following questions. Why do I want more money? What will I do with more money? What can I create with more money? How does more money make me feel? What are the feelings around having more money? How will my life change with more money? How will the lives of the people around me change if I have more money? What can I do for others? How can I help people? You can substitute whatever it is that you desire into these simple questions. You may now see that it's not really money that gets you excited, it's what money means to you, what you can do with it, how it makes you feel. Now you should be in a place where you have the actual feeling/emotion and you're really jazzed about it. If not, maybe you need to reconsider your desire for whatever it is you THINK you want. Sometimes that's an eye-opener for people.

The last step in applying the Law of Attraction is to expect it will happen and allow the universe to bring it. That means we stop trying to control the outcome or force things to happen. We stop trying to figure out how we could possibly make our desires manifest because we aren't the ones who have to figure it out. All we have to do is expect that our want is on its way, step back and let the universe take over. Easier said than done - especially for those of us who are control freaks. If you have followed all the steps, including this one, and your desires have not shown up in whatever you consider to be a reasonable amount of time, there are a couple of reasons why. First, you may be more in the feeling place of not having what you want and less in the feeling place of having it. This goes back to what we talked about earlier in terms of making sure your language is phrased correctly. Second, it may be that your passion or excitement for what you want is not intense enough or you are not focusing on it enough times throughout the day. Lastly, it may be that the timing is not right. You may need more time to become the person you need to be to manifest and allow your desires to happen. Or it may not be the best time for your want to happen if you're to derive from it all that you desire. If this is the case, just step back, relax and listen to your guidance or intuition and realize that you may need to give it more time. After all, isn't it all about what we learn on the journey towards manifesting all your desires than what's at the end of the road?

To recap the steps in applying the Law of Attraction:
  1. Identify what you DON'T want.
  2. From there, identify what you DO want.
  3. Attach a feeling or emotion to your want and get into the feeling place of actually having it.
  4. Expect it will happen, allow it to happen and let the universe take over.
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