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Dr. Diane Hindman - motivational speaker Dr. Diane Hindman - Inspirational Speaker and Spiritual Entrepreneur Dr. Diane Hindman - Inspirational Speaker and Spiritual Entrepreneur
Speaking and Coaching
Dr. Diane began her direct sales career as a distributor for a leading network marketing company. She then moved into the position of Director of Education & Sales Training where she headed up a new division of the company and created a turn-key system for direct sellers to work with healthcare professionals in establishing a lucrative nutraceutical business. She was responsible for leading, training and motivating more than 3,000 sales representatives and health professional distributors. During a two-year period, sales volume for this division increased by 50% to more than $5 million. As a professional speaker, she moves people to action through her dynamic, inspiring and authentic speaking style. She packs a big punch on stage with enough energy to command a room of 50 to 15,000.

Been there...done that with training on recruiting, sales and follow-up? If your organization doesn't know the steps by now, what else can you do? Dr. Diane focuses on transforming attitude and belief systems in individuals. If you don't have belief in yourself, the company and product; then your recruiting and sales efforts will suffer. It's the answer to why distributors are stuck, don't make calls, can't sell and recruit well and never become leaders in their organizations. Belief systems are crucial to determining success or failure in any business. Every distributor will be a top performer in no time with a powerful belief system.

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Health Professionals: An Untapped Market to Double Your Volume
Join Dr. Diane for this program that has already produced immediate sales growth for thousands of distributors and millions of dollars for direct sales companies. Health professionals are now searching for ways to create multiple streams of income and are tired of insurance companies dictating their profits. The time is now to introduce physicians and healthcare professionals to the lucrative business of network marketing. This workshop will teach you proven strategies to:
  • Get past the gatekeeper and create rapport quickly with the health professional to begin formulating lasting business relationships.
  • Create an effective win-win introduction to instantly create interest in the product and business.
  • Utilize simple, fast follow-up techniques that build relationships.
  • Implement turnkey systems for the health professional to operate a nutraceutical business through their practice without creating more work for you.
  • Become a resource for referrals to keep your business on people's minds.
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Belief System First...Strategy Second
This eye-opening keynote or training program is chock full of proven strategies that get serious results with maximum inspiration and serious fun. Attendees will identify their purpose and connect it with their passion to transform the way distributors work their business. This interactive and dynamic session enables you to:
  • Create a compelling vision for your organization through identifying each individual's purpose and aligning it with the team mission.
  • Learn how to access an incredible state of flow through expecting success which will magnetize your entire team.
  • Discover how thoughts, emotions and language can create positive energy to draw business partners and customers to you.
  • Develop daily success practices through setting intention that dramatically increases results

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The Spiritual Minded Entrepreneur
The entrepreneur of the future will need to understand energy and the spiritual dimension in order to thrive and prosper. Explore the meaning of a shift in consciousness for entrepreneurs and organizations.
  • Understand the basics of energy psychology and its relationship to performance
  • Use intuition, meditation and scientific principles of metaphysics to build a six and seven-figure business
  • Discover the importance of belief systems and why they are crucial to develop before creating strategies
  • Explore the mindset of a visionary and identify the perspective needed to create a concrete action plan
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I CAN-ifestTM: The Attraction Factor
Learn the four simple steps to virtually bringing anything you desire into your life. Whether it be money, love, a new career, or improved health, there are proven strategies and universal laws that exist and are waiting for you to start utilizing them. Explore the meaning of a be-think-feel-do-have attitude and the power of your thoughts and emotions. Join Dr. Diane for this program that has already produced immediate personal and business growth for thousands of people.

Each participant will learn how to:
  • Immerse yourself in mastering the 5 areas of your life that will allow you to bring virtually anything you desire into your world.
  • Truly understand and apply four steps to manifestation.
  • Identify limiting beliefs and put a concrete action plan together to be-do-have.
  • Use intuition, meditation and scientific principles of metaphysics to identify optimal times during your life to utilize the law of attraction.

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“I built a six-figure business in less than a year by using dreamwork, intuition and spiritual coaching and now my passion is to show others that they can do the same; that they can become spiritual-minded entrepreneurs.”

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Testimonials for Dr. Diane Hindman - CT spiritual entrepreneur
“I believe the idea of creating a program to train professionals to educate doctors on the use of nutraceuticals in addition to pharmaceuticals is a brilliant program.”

DW, Seattle

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